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Shamanic Music & Meditation, Chant CDs by weaver...
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Trackers of Light CD Fundraiser - Sacred Songs & Chants for the Fire
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RE-ISSUED! 4 New Songs!

CD - For All of You My Beautiful Ayllu - Sacred Shaman Music

QILAUT DRUM & CHANT - Song to the Apukuna - for meditation & ceremony - 50-minutes

Click here to find out more about this CD...
ALSO on MP3 Journey with Laughing Wolf - Shamanic Journey Dumming on weaver's 27-inch Qilaut

CHANT with SHAMANIC DRUMMING - Learn Ancient Sacred Sanskrit Chants with weaver...

weaver's music now available as single digital mp3s...
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- note: pachamama song is a fundraiser for the Haiti Circle of Support...

- more songs to come!

Some of weaver's art on t-shirts, mugs, cards, buttons, clocks & other cool stuff available through on a thumbnail below to go shopping... + scroll down for more...

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south - sachamama shouts
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= beginner's mind

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shift happens
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rise up!
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sometimes i worry too much
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together we can stop AIDs








Also, here's a slideshow of some of weaver's t-shirt designs available at Red Bubble - nice quality tees for adults and kids and stickers (poster art coming soon) - click on the design if you'd like more info and/or to order below...

Trackers of Light - Songs & Chants for the Fire CD Fundraiser...

$15 + $3 shipping/handling = $18 total
email Michelle Morris to order

Or order online now at CD Baby...

... In the spirit of ayni with our teachers of the Ancient Knowledge all proceeds of the sale of this CD will go to benefit the Sanctuary Project of the Four Winds Society and Minka Vision, the children's projects in Peru.

We are grateful to David Campbell, a fellow keeper of the sacred fire, for his generosity in sharing his poem, Sing to Grandmother Moon.

The Tracker of Light Singers are: Beverley English, Carlin Favell, Cathie Levin, Susan McFarland, Nicole McIntosh, Michelle Morris, Pat Owen, Valerie Owen, Robin Reid & carol weaver... Tracker Musicians are: Claudette Laffey, Sandi Mikuse & carol weaver... Recorded & Engineered by Brad Hampton & Henry Small at Small World Studios on September 25, 2004 in Kamloops BC.

...all of the above wonderful, generous folk gathered together and graciously gave their time to the creation of this project - we thank you!

Track List:

1. Sing to Grandmother Moon
2. Mother I Feel You Under My Feet
3. Amazon Honouring Song - Quechua
4. Celebrate the Rain
5. Pachamama Song - Quechua
6. Earth My Body
7. Shaman Song - by Claudette Laffey
8. Welcome Song for the Archetypes - by weaver
9. Neesa, Neesa
10. Circle Round for Freedom
11. Mother of Darkness
12. We Circle Around
13. The Earth is Our Mother
14. How Could Anyone Ever Tell You

...for Canadian snail-mail orders:
available for $15 + $3 shipping/handling = $18 total
Contact Michelle directly by email to order by mail...

Pachamama Song...
I am donating all download proceeds of this song/chant, to the "Haiti Circle of Support" a project by the Dominican Sisters... pachamama song is a beautiful lullaby to our blessed earth mother... which was freely given to me/us from the Q'ero Mountain people of Peru... to listen, lyrics, download and more info please click pic below...
bright blessings with love + light, weaver x (((o)))

For All of You, My Beautiful Ayllu 2 - Re-Issued!
- sacred chant compilation...

buy online now! order online now at CD Baby...
Sorry, SOLD OUT! (i hope to repress soon)

order a few of the songs in mp3 at bandcamp >>

... compilation of spiritually uplifting chants & songs with clear, strong vocals supported with a clean backdrop of solid drumming and sweet dulcitar...

...this CD was originally recorded in 3 hours on a very rainy friday, november 11, 2005 in Tsawwassen, BC, Canada... in 2007, the two sanskrit chants (chakra Bijas & Protection chant) were removed and re-recorded for the new CD, Sacred Sanskrit Chants for... and four new chants (2 originals by weaver) were added... see song list below.

...i share this moment of music with you... songs & chants that i have taught & played in satsangs, sacred circles, medicine wheels & many gatherings... some music for healing... for protection... for celebration & sweet devotion... & always for our blessed earth mother, pachamama... weaver (((o)))

"jai maha maya ki jai!
- maha maya is the great energy
of the universe." -- shri babajii

Track List:
Note: This CD has been re-issued with 4 new songs!*

1. power of the winds < Click to hear a sample mp3 clip
2. om namah shivaaya - christaya < Click to hear a sample mp3 clip
--> You can now download this song as a single at bandcamp for $1 >>
3. kali chant < Click to hear a sample mp3 clip
4. go to the very edge
5. chant to ganesh
6. earth mother
7. holy mother's protecting chain
8. blessed am i
*9. making the circle grow < Click to hear a sample mp3 clip
*10. a mother's cry - by weaver < Click to hear a sample mp3 clip
*11. we all come from the stars - by weaver
*12. pachamama song in Quechua < Click to hear a sample mp3 clip*
*all $1+ download proceeds to go to the "Haiti Circle of Support" project towards the building of an orphanage for children in Haiti...

For all of You My Beautiful Ayllu carol weaver copyright 2005 - 2007
all rights reserved SOCAN
produced & arranged by carol weaver
carol weaver, all vocals, drums & percussion & dulcitar
Recorded & engineered by Matthew Walsh

CAROL WEAVER: For All of You, My Beautiful Ayllu... 1st Limited Edition ON SALE! ...The Limited 1st Edition (without the 4 new songs) is
available for $8 + s/h online at CD Baby while supplies last...

What others have said about "For All of You, My Beautiful Ayllu...

. . . . . . . "Hi weaver, I have been listening to your CDs at least ten times now since yesterday... they were just absolutely divine and blissful - I entered into another realm, a realm of pure love, surrendering and eternity - i love the drumming and the lyrics. thanks so much for bringing such beautiful creation to this world. I have been around with lots of environmental activists and earth lovers, but your expression of love is unique - you connect us to our mother in such a gentle, empowering, respectful, direct and ancient way - i felt like I traveled through ancient time and space... with much gratitude."
-- N.T., Vancouver, BC

. . . . . . . "carol, such a clear voice... resting on the silence from deep spirit..."
-- J. Millen, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

. . . . . . . . "I love your CD. Gorgeous. It's really good. I mean it. Just goes to show what you can do when you let yourself be yourself."
-- L. Smith, Vancouver, BC Canada

. . . . . . . . "Expect you know this. Some of this is beyond music. Your "voice" is now an open doorway to energy when "sung" the way you do in places on a couple of these cuts. Beyond a call to / of spirit. I expect you can feel the places this happens. Way beyond music - really!"
-- R. Ellis, Victoria, BC Canada

. . . . . . . . " For all of You, My Beautiful Ayllu is an oasis of rich deep spiritual musicality, a conscious offering and celebration in artistry - a place of recognition and revitalization of soul comfort."
-- Lynda M., Blaine, Washington, USA


weaver on YouTube chanting Om Namah Shivaya (Christaya) on dulcitar @ the Terry Fox Theatre in 2008.... enjoy!

Song to the Apukuna
- for Meditation & Ceremony... a 50-min movement of sacred drum and chant shamanic music created within sacred space...

buy song to the apukuna CD now... order online now at CD Baby... (temp sold out)
• order/listen mp3 digital version at bandcamp >>

song to the apukuna << Click to hear a sample mp3 clip

..."song to the apukuna" is a 50-minute meditative song-prayer in honour of the sacred apu (mountain) spirits. Sung in Quechua & English and played entirely on the rim of the qilaut wind drum within sacred space... the apu song

"Apu or Apukuna (plural)" in Quechua means "mountain spirit" - a sacred being that not only gives presence to the physical mountain but offers dialogue with a "paqo" (one who walks a spiritual path) who is in service to that apu... and one can be in service to more than one apu... apus are the highest level of nature energy and are the most important spiritual guides within the Andean shamanic system... "humpui, humpuay" loosely translated means, "come to me, come to me"...

"The vision of "song to the apukuna" comes from a very deep place from within our blessed earth mother, Pachamama & the Apu mountain spirits... this is their song... a teaching and a gift... it is their call to us to remember who we truly are... to dream our becoming into being... to return to Ayni & once again walk in balance with all...
within, around, above & below... "

the late don Manuel Quispe (1905 - 2004)

"I dedicate this movement of music & song to don Manuel Quispe (1905-2004) & the Q'ero mountain people of Peru who have freely shared their medicine & love of our blessed earth mother, Pachamama... it has been truly an honour & a blessing to share this with all of you, my beautiful Ayllu..." -- weaver (((o)))

Note: This movement of music can be used as ceremonial music for the ceremony of rites of passage (rites of the altomesayok - wisdomkeeper's rites) given during the North Direction of the Inca Medicine Wheel or the Munay-Ki rites ceremony. Inka

song to the apukuna copyright 2007
all rights reserved SOCAN 50:01
arranged & dreamed into being by the Apu mountain spirits & carol weaver
carol weaver vocals, rattle & the qilaut grandmother "laughing wolf" wind drum
Recorded & engineered by Matthew Walsh

What others have said about "song to the apukuna"...

. . . . . . . ."Everytime I listen to carol weaver's "song to the apukuna" it takes me on a musical journey. This unique musical piece weaves my mind through a story. Each time I indulge, the story changes depending on my mood and what's happening at the moment in my life. I highly recommend this CD to the musical and/or spiritually conscious.
-- J. DeTracey, Vancouver, BC Canada apu song

. . . . . . . . "From my heart to yours, thank-you weaver for "song to the apukuna". This truly is a work inspired. It reasonates with the ancientness of my soul. Grounding me to the Mother while calling to the power and strength of our sacred mountains. It is vast, yet deeply intimate. Be it for ceremony or meditation, "song to the apukuna" honor both."
-- In munay, love P. Jensen , Heffley Creek, BC Canada

. . . . . . . . "I began my journey into shamanism when I fell in love with Apu Ausangate in 1996. Sitting in the lap of that mountain, with the Southern Cross wheeling above me, I listened to the Q'ero medicine people sing their love, and their profound respect and honour to their Apu. In this CD, carol weaver has captured the essence of that heartfelt love for all of our great Apu sprits. Ho!"
-- L. Summerlot Zammuto, Melbourne, Australia

. . . . . . . . "Hi carol... Have "song to the apukuna" playing here, again and just wanted to say that I think it is a really extraordinary piece. Your freedom from "performing" and "the song" is palpable and the flow of it all is pure magic. Thanks so much for doing it - it's fast become a real favorite, right up there with some of TKs sound work.
-- Love, R. Ellis, Victoria, BC Canada

. . . . . . . . "I am preparing a talk...on the Spirit of the Drum. When I listened to "song to the apukuna", I thought immediately of using it to introduce the drum as sacred partner on the journey to the word of spirit.
-- J. Millen, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

. . . . . . . . "Oh my God!!!!!!!!! Your voice... it is, it becomes, something way more than a human voice, it sounds to me as the voice of something that does not live here, but in some magnificent dimension that we are all seeking to reach... well, I'm not quite sure how to explain, but now this piece has surpassed heart level mantra/puja to something even bigger... I heard power, strength and also sweet soothing feminine. You sang to those mountains like a sweet celestial lover."
-- M. Metcalf, Victoria BC Canada

Journey with Laughing Wolf - Journeying CD & mp3
- for Shamanic Journeying... New! Now available for mp3 download

buy journey with laughing wolf now... order online now at CD Baby...
+ mp3 digital download available too...

... i am honoured and awed to be the caretaker and carrier of grandmother "laughing wolf"... who is a powerful 27-inch qilaut wind drum... this CD was created to assist those on the shamanic path who wish to journey with her strong, sacred voice...

Kalaallit elder and teacher Angaangaq shares a wonderful teaching of the qilaut...

..."Qilaut, the Eskimo wind drum, is a circle that has no beginning nor ending, in which we all belong... the great creator who made us—holds the handle and every time creator touches upon the rim, creator hears the heart-beat of humankind. The stronger the heartbeat the healthier humankind is." -- Angaangaq

This CD has three movements of drumming tracks specific for shamanic journeying:

Track List:

journey one: a rising wind, 10 min with call back
journey two: riding the wave, 20 min with rattle & call back << Click to hear a sample mp3 clip now...
journey three: diving deeper, 30 min with call back

Journey with Laughing Wolf copyright 2007
all rights reserved SOCAN 60:00
produced & arranged by carol weaver
carol weaver, all vocals, drums, rattle, shaker, & the qilaut wind drum
Recorded & engineered by Matthew Walsh
cover photography by kathryn learie of
inside photo by joan wright

More info about this shamanic journeying CD, Journey with Laughing Wolf... and some instructions on how to take a shamanic journey on this page here >>

New CD! - Sacred Sanskrit Chants with carol weaver
- for Clearing, Protection, Healing, Abundance & Prosperity...

buy sacred sanskrit chants CD now. order mp3 version online now at bandcamp >>

... the sacred sanskrit chants on this CD are a few of the mantras that I have been working with for a number of years and as a result have received many beautiful gifts. This CD is not your usual "listening" CD - it was created to invite you to chant along with me to learn these sacred chants for yourself. Chants 2 - 4 have been repeated 108 times, the round of a full mala. I have also added some percussion and drum to infuse some shamanic energy to empower the chants. I recommend that you work with only one seed sound or mantra at a time for 40 days and see what happens for you. The main goal is to be joyful and in reverence while at the same time be mindful of your intention and thoughts while you chant - as energy follows thought... you never know... you just might receive what you "ask" for!
- Jai Ma! weaver (((o)))

Track List:

1. Chakra Bijas (seed sounds) - for clearing & energizing the chakras
2. Protection Chant
3. Healing Chant
4. Chant for Abundance & Prosperity < Click to hear a sample mp3 clip
5. Om Namaha Shiva < Click to hear a sample mp3 clip

Sacred Sanskrit Chants with carol weaver copyright 2007
all rights reserved SOCAN 33:36
produced & arranged by carol weaver
carol weaver, all vocals, udo, drums & percussion
Recorded & engineered by Matthew Walsh

What others have said about Sacred Sanskrit Chants...

. . . . . . . . "To let you know just how important a contribution Sacred Sanskrit Chants has been to me personally & I imagine to all those who are graced by your work.

Through your divine blend of meaning, melody & rhythm; I chant & dance - a perfect opportunity to uplift my mind, body & emotion. It has become a unique & integral part of my daily fitness program.

Sacred Sanskrit Chants - a testimony to the healing power of music... a metaphysical masterpiece! Thank you!"
-- Lynda MacCaull, Musician & Reiki Master, Grand Fork, North Dakota, USA

The Healing Drum Kit - Sacred Drumming...
The Healing Drum Kit all-inclusive-package for sacred drumming and healing. Click image above to purchase...

The Healing Drum Kit...

With a venerable history as a healing art, it's no surprise that scientists are now finding measurable positive immune system changes following one-hour drumming sessions. With The Healing Drum, internationally acclaimed music therapist Christine Stevens shows you how to use the art of sacred drumming to ignite your creativity, release tension and anxiety, exercise the body and communicate with a power beyond words. This package is great for beginners who are drawn to learning more about the power of the healing drum and embarking on this sacred practice...

The Healing Drum includes...

• A quality 10" REMO™ frame drum that can be played by hand or with included mallet - perfect for traval
• 30 Rhythm Cards featuring World Rhythms from Africa to Japan; Life Rhythms for whole-body healing; and Spirit Rhythms that liberate creative energy
• 2 CDs of music for solo play or "drum circle jams"
• Spiral-bound study guide with scientific evidence on drumming for wellness, drum blessings from various traditions, playing tips, resources for starting a drum circle, and more.

About the Author/Creator Christine Stevens, M.S.W., M.A., M.T.-B.C. Board-certified music therapist and masters level social worker Christine Stevens leads seminars and presents motivational keynotes for corporations and conferences. With over 15 years of experience, she is an acclaimed author, speaker, and pioneer in the drumming and wellness movement. As Chief Consultant for Music Therapy and Wellness Programs at Remo Drum Company and through her own company UpBeat Drum Circles, Christine has led drumming seminars internationally in places including Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan,England, and the U.S.A.

Related drumming stuff i highly recommend...

Drum Circle Faciliation Through Rhythm by Arthur Hull...
Drum Circle Facilitation - Building Community Through Rhythm by Arthur Hull

learn how to play djembe for beginners
How to Play Djembe West African Rhythms for Beginners - Comes with CD

when the drummers were women by Layne Redmond...
When the Drummers were Women - A Spiritual History of Rhythm by Layne Redmond

Custom Shamanic Reiki Medicine Drums - for order, for sale...
- lovingly hand-made within sacred space by weaver...

weaver is available to create your own custom shamanic reiki healing frame drum (hoop style and/or ocean drum)... which is created within sacred space, blessed and made especially for you or... for a unique special gift for someone you love - with also the option of a custom painting applied.

. . . . . "Hey, weaver... thank you, thank you... I've been wanting to write and thank you for the beautiful gift of the ocean drum... you can't imagine!! ... I use her to call Spirit when I begin writing."
-- L. Summerlot, Brisbane, Australia


New Reiki Drum: The Rainbow Reiki Dear Deer Drum
12-inch deer hide with mallet, $134 (shipping extra)...
• Click here for more info and to purchase >>

Front side, deer hide
Back side, rainbow cord tie


CUSTOM ORDER: Blue Moon Four Directions Drum - A custom sacred drum created & painted by weaver - 12 inches diameter with elk hide & maple frame & mallet CUSTOM ORDER: Rainbow Healing Drum - A custom sacred drum created & painted by weaver - 12 inches diameter with elk hide - painted with acrylics - maple frame & mallet
SOLD! Red Labrys Shield Protection Drum - 22-inch, stunning sounding goat hide on a maple frame - painted with acrylics with rainbow-beaded mallet - more on this drum here >>
Ocean Drum created by weaver... Reiki Drum with Choku Rei created by weaver...
SOLD! Shamanic Drum for Sale... 22-inch Rainbow Celebration Visioning Drum - 22-inch, deer hide on a maple frame - painted with acrylics with rainbow-beaded mallet - a heart sounding drum - more on this drum here >>
SOLD! Ocean Drum with Celtic Triskel - double-sided deer hide - painted with acrylics with mallet - please contact weaver for more info - she will take orders for this drum - more on this drum here >>
SOLD! Shamanic Drum for Sale... Choku Rei - Reiki Drum - 16-inch diameter - light sweet sounding goat hide with mallet - this drum is available for sale - please contact weaver for more info - more on this drum here >>

Contact weaver directly for more information, specifics and/or a quote to order by calling 778985509957 or by email here >> ...more info/photos to come about weaver's custom medicine drums... or visit her blog >>

...To view and read more about weaver's most recent shamanic spirit-art drums she has created (some for sale), please visit her blog (drumweaver) here >>

Other great drums - Ocean Drums, Frame Drums, Strings, (Remo)...

ocean drum 1
ocean drum 2
ocean drum 3
ocean drum 4
ocean drum 5
black dumbeck
copper dumbeck buffalo drum buffalo drum buffalo drum

riq tar rine yemaja bodhran frame drum

dulcimer strum stick strum stick mini guitar little martin

Some of my favourite Shamanic Healing Books...




weaver's art now available as giclee prints...

You can now purchase some of weaver's art as a high quality giclee print through Imagekind. Choose from optional sizes available to choosing your own style of frame and/or canvas wrap options.

Click each image below to visit >>

























Learn how to manifest anything...



many thanks for visiting & enjoy browsing my shops!...

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Also, please know that I will receive a small commission if you decide to purchase some of the product(s) from this site....

Thank you for visiting...

all work copyright © by carol weaver and is protected by law & probably not too great for one's karma if my work is copied or stolen... please know that my work is my living and my source of income - i thank you for your support!

• store updated Nov 2014 •

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